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Danish interior design trends on Pinterest

Pinterest users are known for their love of interior design ideas, and room designs influenced by Danish interiors are proving especially popular in 2020. (more…)

Fractal contract flooring reduces workplace stress

In the USA, a trio of organisations have developed a range of contract flooring with fractal patterns that they claim has been scientifically proven to reduce stress.

In workplaces where employees work (more…)

New laminate printing described as ‘quantum leap’

Belgium printing company Agfa has developed a new way of printing designs on laminate flooring which has been called a ‘quantum leap’ in laminate floor printing.

Agfa, in partnership with (more…)

Magnetic flooring cuts floor installation time and costs

New magnetic flooring technology created by British company IOBAC reduces installation times and (more…)

Wood flooring used in 17th Century building conversion

A three story house in Antwerp, Belgium measuring just 2.4 metres wide has been bought by a couple who have converted it into a one room hotel, Antwerp’s smallest hotel.

The outside of the building looks (more…)

Floor covering manufacturer aims to be carbon negative by 2040

Flooring manufacturer, Interface is aiming to be a carbon negative company by 2040.

Many home and business owners are concerned (more…)

New floor tiles create ultimate playroom

Bryanne Leeming has invented a new type of floor tile called ‘Unruly Splats’ that can create the ultimate children’s playroom.

The tiles have been given this name (more…)

New corporate jet cabins have wooden floors

Supercar manufacturer Pagani has partnered with Airbus Corporate Jets to design bespoke airplane cabins with wooden floors.

The cabin, known as (more…)

Sidewalk Labs designs future city buildings made from timber

Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is developing ideas for urban development.

The organisation sees the future city as (more…)

Disney files for ‘moving floor’ patent

Disney has filed a patent for a moving floor designed to be used in combination with a virtual reality headset. (more…)

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