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New treatments transform wood flooring

New Digital Nano Staining Technology (DNST) and protective solutions are changing how wood flooring looks and (more…)

Woman uses nuts to mend wood flooring scratches

A woman claims to have found an unusual way of mending scratches on her wood flooring using nuts, which she shared in a (more…)

Wooden pallets transformed into parquet flooring

Two brothers from Beyton have created herringbone parquet flooring made out of old (more…)

Natural wood transforms 19th century Parisian flat

A flat in Paris has been transformed into a modern-style home with the extensive use (more…)

New trend for laminate flooring on walls

A new home décor trend has been identified by The Sun website – people are wanting the look of wood panels without the cost, and so they have been (more…)

Handcrafted engineered wood flooring released

Engineered wood is typically made in a factory by machines, but handcrafted engineered wood is now available to add a touch of (more…)

Homeowners using mobile apps to design floors

Mobile phone apps are increasingly being used by homeowners to test (more…)

Woman praised on social media for laminate flooring wall

A woman named Tracy Lewis glued strips of laminate flooring to her living room wall and received (more…)

Danish interior design trends on Pinterest

Pinterest users are known for their love of interior design ideas, and room designs influenced by Danish interiors are proving especially popular in 2020. (more…)

Fractal contract flooring reduces workplace stress

In the USA, a trio of organisations have developed a range of contract flooring with fractal patterns that they claim has been scientifically proven to reduce stress.

In workplaces where employees work (more…)

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