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What’s the best flooring for a home art studio?

A home art studio encourages you to explore your artistic side. According to a report for House Digest, wood or laminate flooring in a Wirral or room is the foundation of a (more…)

Three alternate wood flooring layout patterns

Wood flooring adds style and natural luxury to a room. Arguably, the most common wood flooring layout pattern in and Wirral properties is rectangular (more…)

Five top ideas for kitchen laminate flooring

Laminate flooring in Cheshire and homes is loved for its beautiful, natural wood look and practicality. It is ideal for the kitchen, as laminate is water and scratch resistant (more…)

Expert warns against damaging laminate cleaning practices

Cleaning laminate and wood floors with boiling water or steam mops can cause severe damage, according to (more…)

Three fabulous black-and-white laminate flooring looks

Most people buy laminate flooring for their Cheshire and Wirral rooms because they like (more…)

Viral video shows importance of keeping laminate clean

A woman recently posted online about how she moved into a new home that had dark laminate flooring, but when she started to clean the floor, she was startled to discover that it was not dark laminate after all – it was light-coloured laminate flooring that had a (more…)

Non slip flooring advised for wheelchair users

An important consideration for residential property architects is making homes accessible and comfortable for wheelchair users. They are now being encouraged to use (more…)

Social landlords urged to fit flooring in properties

A survey has found that 48% of tenants in Welsh social rental properties do not have floor coverings, and landlords have been urged to (more…)

How you can keep laminate floors clean and virus free

The coronavirus crisis has focused on business and households on the need for extra hygiene and keeping homes and workplaces clean, so here are a few tips (more…)

How to care for hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is popular in Wirral homes and workplaces because of its natural luxury look and durability. With a little maintenance and care, wood floors can continue to look great for a long time.

Regular vacuuming and mopping with a (more…)

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