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Landlords advised to install engineered wood flooring to increase value

Faced with dwindling profits, landlords are looking at ways to increase revenues. A property expert has suggested that installing engineered wood flooring can increase the rental value of properties.

There has been a downturn in (more…)

Luxury homes enable safer living for the elderly

Elysian Residences has developed a new type of retirement living that can be described as five star luxury living with added safety features.

Its retirement complexes (more…)

Environmentalist recommends green kitchen floor coverings

The design editor of green resource TreeHugger, Lloyd Alter has published advice on the greenest kitchen floor coverings.

Alter says that the essential qualities of kitchen flooring are (more…)

Flooring firm specialises in dog-friendly floors

A new Boston flooring company has developed a range of floors designed for dogs. (more…)

Sarah Beeny claims carpets better than wood for house sales

Property expert Sarah Beeny was recently quoted saying wood floors should be ditched for carpets if people want to sell their home. (more…)

President Obama highlights the need for resilient design

A meeting of US building industry representatives was held on May 12th in the White House to discuss resilient design.

Due to climate change, there (more…)

Electric concrete could solve cold floor dilemma

A college professor at the University of Nebraska has invented concrete that can be heated. This technology could (more…)

Australian floor company recommends pet-friendly flooring materials

Floormania, an Australian flooring supplier, recently published an article advising pet owners on the best flooring choices for humans and their four-legged friends. (more…)

Pantone predicts colour trends for 2016

The Pantone organization is the creator of the Pantone Color Matching System that catalogues colours. As the world’s leading experts on colour, they have predicted the colours that designers will favour next year

The company is based in (more…)

British business leaders urged to stop deforestation

Business representatives at the Forest Business Forum of the WWF have been encouraged to come up with practical solutions to meet a (more…)

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