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Royals endorse DIY on TV

Prince William and Prince Harry recently got involved in a BBC DIY programme by rolling up their sleeves and pitching in with a special cause.

It’s possible that their contribution to DIY SOS, which is presented by TV personality (more…)

Could The Apprentice boost British DIY?

The Apprentice is a television programme that delights and enrages viewers, and it’s been revealed that this series will feature a DIY challenge.

Being a contestant on The Apprentice is always (more…)

Kingfisher considers opening extra Screwfix outlets

In a sign that the British appetite for DIY may be on the up, Kingfisher has announced that it might open 200 additional Screwfix stores within the UK.

Kingfisher is the owner of (more…)

Doing DIY seen as a sign of maturity in the UK

Recent research has indicated that British people view DIY as an indicator of having become a genuine adult.

Beagle Street, a provider of insurance, asked 2,000 adults about (more…)

DIY dust could be harmful, researchers say

Researchers in the UK have reported that the dust caused by DIY can be detrimental to an individual’s health, so getting expert help may be advisable.

A report warns that excess dust can (more…)

DIY predicted to become more popular

The DIY group and builders’ merchant, Travis Perkins, has predicted that (more…)

DIY contributes to growth in British retail sales

Recent consumer spending research undertaken by Barclaycard has highlighted the impact of (more…)

Pinterest benefits from British enthusiasm for DIY

The social bookmarking site Pinterest is based in the USA, but its UK version has gained users recently in part through their liking of DIY.

During the last year, British users of the service have doubled and over half of them have searched for DIY items according to statistics released by Pinterest. The influence of the site could lead to more individuals wanting floor sanding on the Wirral. Evan Sharp, a co-founder of the business, has told The Guardian:

“We see a lot of similarities between the UK and elsewhere in the world, although gardening is much more prominent in the UK.”

Wherever they are located, Pinterest users can construct boards of their own. In Britain, over a third of users have reportedly put up home decorations. Although Pinterest is sometimes perceived as a feminine service, it is trying to avoid the stereotype and boosting an appreciation of DIY could help in this area.

Pinterest is also concerned to tap into what is distinctively British about UK culture. As a result, the organisation has entered into partnerships with major brands like Waitrose, Marks and Spencer, and Manchester United. The latter choice is apparently connected with the effort of the business to cultivate a more masculine image than it used to possess.

Although Pinterest has engaged with British brands, it could move further in that direction. It might connect with DIY companies if it opts to get into the world of bought or promoted pins. This kind of advertising is ready to be launched in the United States.

Major high street stores accept haggling

It has recently been reported that some UK retailers participate in haggling, and this point may have implications for (more…)

DIY store puts night aside for women

A female only night has recently been hosted at a DIY store in Bromsgrove, with the hope being that more women will get involved in the sector.

The event delivered DIY tips to women by a (more…)

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