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Carpets do not cause asthma or allergies, say scientists

Research by Dr. Vivienne Mahon in Dublin may go some way to dispelling the myth that carpets can cause allergies.

In fact, the studies suggest the opposite is (more…)

England’s carpets threatened by dramatic rise in moth population

English Heritage, which runs many of Britain’s historic country houses, has said that the number of moths in its properties has doubled in the past five years.

Amber Xavier-Rowe, the head of (more…)

‘Five second rule’ is real, says scientist

There is an often-cited myth that if you drop food on the floor, it will be fit to eat if it is picked up within five seconds. A scientist (more…)

Carpets contain harmful chemicals six months after quitting smoking

A recent study at San Diego State University concluded that carpets in homes where smokers have lived can be a health hazard up to (more…)

Hot summer sees almost fourfold rise in flea population

The pest control company Rentokil has issued a warning that there has been a 295% increase in the (more…)

Unclean carpets could be a cause of clothing attacks from moths

A rise in the number of eggs laid by moths in carpets is being blamed for an increase in the number of invisible mending requests at (more…)

Your carpet could be making you sick, says study

Research by the carpet cleaning brand Bisell has revealed bacteria like salmonella and E.coli can be found in many carpets, creating a health risk.

The study revealed that (more…)

Carpet cleaners become an emergency service in Australia

Concierge, an enterprising carpet cleaning company based in Melbourne, Australia, has launched an emergency wet carpet drying service. If a carpet becomes wet through floods, burst pipes or other incidents, then people can (more…)

Carpet cleaners help flood victims

Carpet cleaners are coming to the aid of the elderly victims of the recent floods.

Companies that offer carpet cleaning in Cheshire are used to dealing with the occasional water-damaged carpet, but in areas affected by the December floods there are hundreds of damaged carpets that require cleaning or replacing.

After the (more…)

Woman agrees to $42,000 carpet cleaning bill

The New York Times has reported that a Manhattan woman agreed to pay a staggering $42,000 (approximately £28,000) to have her carpet cleaned. (more…)

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