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Is it worth using a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service?

In today’s market, those looking to keep their homes or offices in top condition can find a wealth of products to suit their needs. From advanced devices like vacuum cleaners and dust busters to dedicated solutions for stain removal and high levels of hygiene, there are many (more…)

Birmingham damp carpet woes highlight importance of carpet cleaning

Around 35 people had to be evacuated from a hostel in Birmingham city centre because of a damp and dirty carpet.

Ten people were taken ill at the hostel and were treated by (more…)

More British households are employing professional cleaning services

Research reported by the website News Anyway has revealed that more people prefer to use a professional cleaning service rather than clean themselves.

Traditionally, wealthier households hired (more…)

Top tips for easy homemade carpet cleaning solutions

Let’s face it, there are hundreds of ways in which the carpet of your Liverpool home might become grubby. Carpet stains can get you down, and there are times you will need professional cleaning services to (more…)

YouTube carpet cleaning video helps people de-stress

A video of a professional carpet cleaning service washing a carpet has become popular on YouTube for people who want to lessen their stress levels. (more…)

How to clean 30,000 carpets

Around 30,000 carpets cover the area around Mecca in Saudi Arabia, and the total length of the carpets is nearly (more…)

What are the dangers of cleaning your home after a flood?

Every winter, some areas of Britain suffer from flooding. After recent floods in Tulare County, California, the (more…)

Cleaning Houston’s flood damaged oriental rugs

Hurricane Harvey dumped 50 inches of rain in the Houston area, flooding homes and businesses. Homes with cheap carpets and rugs threw them away, but some homes had expensive oriental rugs, some worth as much as $20,000 (more…)

EU ban stops sales of high wattage vacuum cleaners

As of this month, EU regulations banning the sales of vacuum cleaners with motors higher than 900w have come into force.

Before the ban, many (more…)

Carpet cleaning reduces dangers of indoor air pollution

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that air pollution is the biggest environmental threat to our health.

Most news items on (more…)

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