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Flooring companies play part in NHS food project

A Second World War hangar has been converted into an area providing free meals for NHS workers and required non-slip flooring to make it safe.

The NHS food project, “Salute the NHS” is led by (more…)

Wood floors feature in 1950s house renovation

Karim Karanouh and Emma Westbury bought a 1958 home in Essex because they loved its original features. They wanted to modernise the home whilst retaining its 1950s style and adding natural materials such as engineered wood flooring.

When modernising a home, it’s (more…)

These are some alternative colours to brown wood flooring

Wood flooring in Cheshire homes is a popular choice for those who want a natural-looking and durable floor. Most consumers stick to a traditional dark or light natural brown wood, but for a more contemporary look, a wood floor can be (more…)

Why replacing hardwood floors shouldn’t be first solution

Good quality hardwood floors are very durable but can look worn and uneven after a few years. Many people are tempted to replace their creaking and uneven floor, but the floor may be repairable.

If the wood flooring is over (more…)

Wood replaces concrete for more sustainable buildings

The construction industry and architects are looking for more sustainable ways of building including replacing concrete with wood.

Many commercial buildings have (more…)

Will COVID-19 change floor covering choices?

After the COVID-19 pandemic is over, many people may decide to change their floor covering to one that is easier to clean and keep virus-free.

The coronavirus crisis has (more…)

Experts advise how to store wood floor panels during coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus crisis has caused flooring stockists to close. Many are storing large quantities of wood flooring that needs to be stored carefully. People that have bought wood flooring for Wirral homes may have had the wood planks delivered, but are now waiting for installation.

Fiona Russell-Horne, the editor of (more…)

New laminate flooring developed for indoor training

A new type of laminate flooring has been specifically developed for indoor training.

Quick-Step flooring in Belgium is (more…)

Keep wood flooring clean and free from coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need to keep the home clean and free from viruses.

Wood flooring in (more…)

How you can keep laminate floors clean and virus free

The coronavirus crisis has focused on business and households on the need for extra hygiene and keeping homes and workplaces clean, so here are a few tips (more…)

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