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Modern wood floor design uses 18th Century Japanese technology

A new wood flooring design has been influenced by the 18th Century Japanese technique of Yakisugi.

Yaki means heating by fire and was (more…)

Fractal contract flooring reduces workplace stress

In the USA, a trio of organisations have developed a range of contract flooring with fractal patterns that they claim has been scientifically proven to reduce stress.

In workplaces where employees work (more…)

New woodblock flooring mixes contemporary with traditional

Flooring experts have suggested that new large format parquet woodblock flooring is suitable for rooms that mix the contemporary with the traditional.

Decor that mixes a (more…)

New laminate printing described as ‘quantum leap’

Belgium printing company Agfa has developed a new way of printing designs on laminate flooring which has been called a ‘quantum leap’ in laminate floor printing.

Agfa, in partnership with (more…)

Opulent floors predicted to be one of 2020’s hot trends

Ideal Home magazine has reported on the top three décor trends for 2020, and at number three is what it calls ‘opulent’ floors.

These trends are based on (more…)

HSE offers solution to accidents on slippery floors

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 31% of workplace accidents in 2018 were caused by slips and trips. If a worker or member of the public slips on a smooth floor in a Cheshire business, as well as causing injury, the business could (more…)

Why hardwood flooring makes economic business sense

There is an economic benefit to installing hardwood flooring in commercial buildings. (more…)

Worldwide demand for wood floors predicted to increase significantly

A new report has forecast that the demand for wood flooring will rise significantly during the next few years.

The report was published by (more…)

Quality not cheap laminates the preference of British homeowners

A poll of 2,000 British homeowners by retail store Dunelm has revealed a list of the most loathed decor (more…)

Why you should hire a professional floor sander

One benefit of solid wood flooring in Cheshire homes is that when they look worn, they can be restored to a near new condition by sanding. You may be tempted to do the job yourself, but this is not a good idea.

Many people like to do jobs around the (more…)

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