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Is hardwood flooring eco-friendly?

Hardwood flooring in and homes is a great way to transform a room and add value to the property, but is this type of (more…)

What factors affect how long wood floors last?

Solid wood floors are a sought-after flooring choice for many reasons. Their elegant appearance and natural warmth can make houses feel more homely, and churches and halls can look more impressive. Another property that ensures wooden floors remain popular is their ability to endure – they’re often (more…)

Electricity generated from wood flooring could light buildings

Researchers have found a new method of generating electricity from wood flooring that could be used to power a (more…)

All you need to know about waxing wooden floors

People love wooden floors for their natural look, but if they have not been treated with a protective coating, regular (more…)

The natural beauty of hardwood flooring in Cheshire rooms

Natural hardwood flooring adds timeless beauty to a room. Add a rug or two to make a warm comfortable space to (more…)

The beauty of wood flooring in the Wirral

Wood flooring is very popular in Wirral homes and workplaces. Not only does it look beautiful, it is hardwearing to and, with a little maintenance, will last for (more…)

Woodblock flooring improves your Cheshire home

Woodblock flooring not only look stylish, but can add to a property’s value – whether in an affluent or more modest area of (more…)

Nine reasons Cheshire homes love hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring not only looks good in Cheshire rooms, but it is also very hard-wearing and practical, yet these aren’t the only reasons hardwood flooring is so popular here.

There are many areas of outstanding natural beauty in Cheshire, including Delamere Forest, Lyme Park and Teggs Nose Country Park in Macclesfield. What these beauty spots have in common are (more…)

Add value to a Cheshire home with woodblock flooring

Woodblock flooring is a great choice of floor coverings for Cheshire homes, since wood floors add (more…)

Ten reasons to install wood flooring in Wirral homes and businesses

Wirral people love wood, which is why wooded areas like The Lowfields and Arrowe Park are so popular. Solid wood also looks good in Wirral homes, whether that’s in the furniture, the doors or the floor.

Here are (more…)

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