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Is epoxy flooring non-slip?

Epoxy flooring is formulated to prevent slips and skidding. However, if oil or grease is spilt on epoxy flooring, it can cause the floor to be slippery. A wet epoxy floor could be a skid or slip hazard. Oil, grease and liquids need to be cleaned up promptly for the (more…)

All you need to know about non-slip flooring

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), around 37% of all accidents at work are caused by trips, slips and falls. Slip-resistant flooring is one way to protect people for these common accidents in the workplace and (more…)

What is the best flooring for garages?

Many households don’t use their garages to store cars, instead preferring to use them for general storage and other purposes. If you spend a lot of (more…)

Where should you install non-slip flooring?

Heavy-duty safety flooring made from vinyl has been designed specifically to provide a non-slip flooring solution. Vinyl flooring is available with an extra wear layer that makes it exceptionally durable, and by design, it’s entirely resistant to moisture. For added safety, this kind of floor covering is often (more…)

What is Karndean flooring?

When choosing a floor for your home or office, you’ll find there are many options available to choose from. Hardwood, engineered wood, vinyl tiles and laminate are all potential solutions that come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles. For many property owners, the look of real wood floors can be attractive, but these coverings can (more…)

What is the best underlay for laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is frequently chosen for homes in Cheshire and elsewhere for its rich, natural wood look. This flooring should be installed on quality underlay, which will prolong the (more…)

What’s the best flooring for office receptions?

There’s no doubt that first impressions count. As the initial contact point for clients, it’s essential that the image of your company they take away from your office reception is the right one. Whether you are setting up a new office or revisiting the style of an existing one with an upgrade, there are many design elements you can use to show visitors what your (more…)

The best non slip flooring for food processing areas

In any workplace where food is prepared, served or processed, non slip flooring is crucial for a safe environment. Non slip flooring needs to prevent employee slips and maintain a (more…)

The best flooring for wheelchair users

The type of flooring installed in a home needs careful consideration for wheelchair users. (more…)

What’s the best type of laminate flooring for Wirral rooms?

Laminate flooring provides the look of wood at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Also more water-resistant than (more…)

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