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Five common floor sanding mistakes to avoid

If wood flooring is worn or marked, it can be restored to look like new by sanding it. Ideally, floor sanding should be done by a professional floor sander who has the experience and expertise to do an excellent job. To save money, you can hire a floor sanding machine and tackle the job (more…)

Is hardwood flooring eco-friendly?

Hardwood flooring in and homes is a great way to transform a room and add value to the property, but is this type of (more…)

Can I stain a hardwood floor without sanding?

Staining a worn hardwood floor is best done after sanding, but there are some reasons why you might want to avoid this.

A hardwood floor can be (more…)

Why have your carpets professionally cleaned?

While wall-to-wall carpeting can provide both a home and business with increased comfort levels and a luxury feel, it can be far harder to maintain and keep clean than other flooring choices. While regularly vacuuming carpets and spot cleaning any spill or dirty marks swiftly can ensure they maintain an excellent appearance, an in-depth clean by (more…)

What factors affect how long wood floors last?

Solid wood floors are a sought-after flooring choice for many reasons. Their elegant appearance and natural warmth can make houses feel more homely, and churches and halls can look more impressive. Another property that ensures wooden floors remain popular is their ability to endure – they’re often (more…)

What is the best flooring for garages?

Many households don’t use their garages to store cars, instead preferring to use them for general storage and other purposes. If you spend a lot of (more…)

How do you restore parquet flooring?

Over the intermittent lockdowns since last year, many people across the UK have occupied themselves by getting stuck into DIY projects and undertaking home renovations. Those tackling the floors of their home soon realise that upgrading such a substantial part of a room can have a significant impact on (more…)

Everything you need to know about parquet flooring

Professionally installed parquet wood floors can conjure a regal look and feel to any room, making them a favoured choice for many homeowners with (more…)

What are the advantages of sanding your wooden floors?

If your wood floor is starting to look a little rough around the edges, you might be considering sanding them down, and whether it’s worth the cost and inconvenience. There are multiple benefits to sanding hardwood floors, making it one of the easiest improvements that can make a dramatic change when it comes to (more…)

Where should you install non-slip flooring?

Heavy-duty safety flooring made from vinyl has been designed specifically to provide a non-slip flooring solution. Vinyl flooring is available with an extra wear layer that makes it exceptionally durable, and by design, it’s entirely resistant to moisture. For added safety, this kind of floor covering is often (more…)

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