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Carpets are more difficult to clean than hard floors – fact or fiction?

Many homeowners and businesses are put off carpets because they perceive them to be difficult to maintain and keep clean. This view has recently been challenged by a leading carpet cleaning company.

Carpets were once considered luxury items. A hotel or business that installed carpets made a statement that said they were an upmarket brand. The alternative to carpets were hard, cold linoleums. Because modern hard floorings are soft to the touch and easy to clean, many people have predicted that there is no need for carpets.

According to Phil Jones of cleaning agent manufacturer Prochem, it is a myth that carpets are harder to clean and maintain than hard floors. He says:

“Advances in cleaning technology enable large carpeted areas to be cleaned both quickly and efficiently.”

There are Prochem cleaning products that can be sprayed on carpets and brushed off after 20 minutes. If used daily, this process can be as quick as cleaning hard floors.

There are some areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and workshops where hard flooring is preferred, but good quality carpets can still provide a luxury feel for some rooms.

Contract Flooring Journal has reported that in the UK, sales of laminates have increased, but demand for carpets remains strong.

Carpets are a viable option in many areas. Regular professional carpet cleaning in your Cheshire home or office will make sure that your carpets remain not just looking like new, but free or the dirt that can embed itself beyond the naked eye.

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