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Carpet cleaning tips for your Liverpool home

People lead busy lives in Liverpool, so carpet cleaning isn’t always top of the agenda, yet a well-cleaned and maintained carpet can last much longer and look considerably better as it ages.

This is because dirt particles act like numerous tiny knifes cutting into your carpet’s fibres as you walk over it, making those well-travelled areas appear duller than the rest.

The vacuum cleaner is your best tool in the endless fight against dirt, but make sure it’s set to the right height, because setting it too low can cause the brush roll to damage your carpet. Start with the highest setting and work down until you feel the brush roll catching the carpet.

Whenever you vacuum, start with a clean filter or bag, because an almost-full bag or a clogged filter can drastically reduce a vacuum cleaner’s suction power. You will want to focus your efforts on the most heavily trodden areas, using two slow passes to get as much dirt out as possible. One quicker pass may suffice on low-traffic areas, but use your discretion.

How often to vacuum is of course dependent on the situation, but it’s commonly suggested to vacuum high-traffic areas twice a week and other areas at least weekly. Daily vacuuming may be needed to cope with very high traffic or pets.

Using rough doormats outside all entrances will also cut down on your carpet cleaning. Liverpool gets its fair share of rainy days, so it’s a good idea to also have absorbent doormats on the inside to catch wet shoes.

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  1. Great shout on the absorbent doormats inside the house especially going into autumn and winter.

    Comment by Mana — September 7, 2020 @ 4:55 am

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