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Carpet cleaning reduces dangers of indoor air pollution

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that air pollution is the biggest environmental threat to our health.

Most news items on air pollution focus on the outside air, blaming diesel and petrol vehicle emissions as the main contribution to air pollution, but several experts have pointed out that indoor air pollution should not be ignored.

Professor Stephen Holgate is the chairman of a group that produced a recent report on child health called ‘Every Breath We Take: the lifelong impact of air pollution.’ He said:

“We live most of the time indoors and the important thing about this is that the air pollution from outside gets inside, but also inside we generate a different set of chemicals and particles that we breathe in. There has been very little attention paid to what goes on inside buildings, inside our homes, workplaces and schools regarding how it interacts.”

Many homes contain substances known as volatile organic compounds (VOC), which some people are allergic to. These can be found in many household items such as oven cleaners, some scented candles, air fresheners and paints. VOCs can stick to solid flooring and be present in carpets, from which they pollute the air. Pets are another common cause of pollutants when they bring in bacteria.

By using more natural products and an air purifier, pollutants can be reduced. Regular carpet cleaning in your Cheshire home by a professional company removes air polluting particles trapped in your carpets.

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