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Some carpet cleaning myths (and what you should really do)

The may be some wisdom behind many old wives’ tales, but some are downright wrong. Here are some common misconceptions about carpet cleaning and some recommendations for what you should really do.

Myth 1: Regular vacuuming will damage your carpet

Vacuuming a few times a week should not be substantially more damaging than doing it once a month. Dirt left in the carpet actually works as an abrasive that damages the carpet fibres, so vacuum appropriately for a room’s level of use. It’s also better for your health.

Myth 2: Cleaning will shrink your carpet

Many people avoid having their carpets cleaned because they believe it will shrink the carpet, but this only happens if the carpet is left extremely wet. No professional carpet cleaner worth his or her salt would do this, but if it does happen, make sure it is corrected straight away.

Myth 3: Carpet cleaning is only needed to clean stains

The people of Liverpool love to entertain friends, so it’s no surprise when you get stains like red wine. Carpet cleaning can get rid of these stains, but do not fall into the trap of thinking that’s the only reason for doing it. Carpet cleaning should be done regularly to avoid dirt building up and damaging your carpet. If you’re worried that new stains will occur just after having it cleaned, consider asking your carpet cleaner to apply a Scotchgard treatment to your carpet after cleaning it.

Myth 4: New carpets don’t need cleaning for years

With a brand new carpet, you may be tempted to postpone cleaning until it starts to look a bit grotty a few years down the line. In reality, you should clean carpets, even new ones, about once a year, because as mentioned above, trapped dirt acts as an abrasive that will wear your carpet out sooner. It may even be condition of a carpet’s warranty that it is cleaned at a certain interval.

Myth 5: It’s fine to hire the cheapest carpet cleaner

You naturally want to save money, but you should avoid any service that uses undertrained operatives or insufficient machinery. This may leave your carpet in a worse state than before, so look for an established Liverpool carpet cleaner, preferably one that comes recommended.

Myth 6: My home carpet-cleaning machine is good enough

Home carpet-cleaning machines are useful for quickly addressing potential stains and routine cleaning, but they lack the suction power and truly deep clean of their industrial counterparts. It’s therefore a good idea to still have carpets professionally cleaned now and then.

Myth 7: Regular carpet cleaning will damage your carpet

Some people try to minimise having their carpets cleaned because they believe it will damage the carpet each time. This couldn’t be more wrong, because clean carpets always last longer than dirty ones and retain the original appearance for much longer. Cleaning is just a way of protecting the substantial investment you make in a carpet.

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