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Carpet cleaning equipment quells fire

A professional carpet cleaner has managed put out a bush fire with his carpet cleaning equipment

Jared Aiton was driving his van in North Phoenix, Arizona when he noticed a fire that had started next to the road. He pulled up next to the fire and took out his carpet cleaning hose, which was attached to a tank of water.

Alton said:

“I just felt that I needed to put it out. You have to get close, you have to get really close up to it. Firefighters have really big hoses, and this is not that.”

Although the water from the hose was more like a mist than the torrent of water from a fire hose, it was enough to extinguish the flames before the firefighters arrived on the scene. His actions were captured on a highway camera, and resulted in him featuring on the CBS evening news. The next day, he went back to his carpet cleaning job.

Bushes and greenery are plentiful in North Wales, but despite these heroics, people who spot a fire would be better advised to call the fire service. Those who need their carpets thoroughly cleaned, however, should make a professional carpet cleaner their first port of call.

For day-to-day carpet cleaning, a vacuum cleaner is fine, but for deep carpet cleaning in your North Wales home, it is recommended that you hire a professional carpet cleaner for that extra deep clean and to get rid of any stubborn stains that hand cleaning cannot shift.

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