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Carpet cleaners become an emergency service in Australia

Concierge, an enterprising carpet cleaning company based in Melbourne, Australia, has launched an emergency wet carpet drying service. If a carpet becomes wet through floods, burst pipes or other incidents, then people can call an emergency number and Concierge will come out to the premises to try and save the carpet.

Wet carpets left too long can soon be ruined, which explains why carpet cleaning services may become a kind of emergency service needed if a carpet is soaked because of floods or other causes.

Concierge points out that the longer a carpet is wet, the more danger there is of mould forming. Domestic vacuum cleaners, even wet ones, are not sufficient to get rid of large areas of water. Specialized equipment is needed to mop up the water and save the carpet.

If a home or workplace is flooded due to a burst pipe, then as well as calling out the plumber, those affected may regard a carpet cleaning company as a second emergency service. Not many firms that provide carpet cleaning in North Wales, or anywhere else in the United Kingdom, have a dedicated emergency service like Concierge’s, but with more floods expected each year, emergency carpet cleaning services could become standard.

If there is only a small area of water, then mopping it up with a towel and using a hair dryer on the damp patch should be sufficient. The carpet also needs to be raised to check if water has gathered underneath.

If there is an extensive spread of water, then it may be time to call out professional carpet cleaners.

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