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Carbon neutral flooring range announced

A United States flooring manufacturer Interface, has announced that its whole range of floor coverings are carbon neutral.

Many floor coverings are made from sustainable or recycled materials, but Interface is the first manufacturer to claim that the whole cycle of its floor products is carbon neutral. Its range of floor coverings include carpet and vinyl tiles.

The environmental policy of the company looks at the whole product cycle. This starts with the raw materials and continues in the manufacturing process. Interface then makes sure that the transportation of the floor coverings is done in an environmentally friendly way. At the end of a floor’s life, the old floor coverings are taken back and recycled. Interface claims that its Climate Take Back system has resulted in carbon neutral floor products.

Interface is looking beyond its own floor coverings to spread its environmental messages. It wants to engage architects and builders in focusing on the environmental impact their buildings have.

Interface sustainability officer, Erin Meezan said:

“Interface has spent the last 24 years focusing on eliminating our own environmental impact. As we embark on our new Climate Take Back™ mission, we now have a more ambitious goal to reverse global warming. We cannot do this alone, and our customers have come forward asking how they can participate.”

If you need contract flooring for your Cheshire workplace, there are a number of floor coverings available that are environmentally friendly that can fit with your company’s environmental policies.

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