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Canary Wharf Group uses sustainable timber

Recent construction carried out by contractors for Canary Wharf has gained recognition from the Forest Stewardship Council, which could inspire others to use wood in a sustainable way.

Other awards were given to Canary Wharf Construction (CWC) at the National Considerate Constructors Scheme, but the timber prize is not given out often. In the future, more of the engineered flooring in Liverpool may use wood cultivated with sustainability in mind.

Cormac MacCrann, head of CWC, has commented:

“We are extremely proud of the recent recognition we have received across a number of our projects. It’s not just about box ticking and crossing our fingers, it takes a tremendous amount of effort and perseverance to get these kinds of accolades.”

The new development in Fenchurch Street has been granted a certificate in relation to timber usage, which has only been awarded to 80 projects in total on an international basis. It has met the standard of compliance called FSC Standard 40-006. This has relevance to permanent and temporary timber.

CWC has revealed that it would like some of its other projects to be granted the same level of certification later in 2015. However, the other recognition the group has won has also seemed to please its management.

The other awards that have been received by the organisation include one for coming second in the category of Most Considerate Site. In addition, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has given the group a medal for its efforts with regard to health and safety.

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