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Can laminate and wood floors survive floods?

Flooding often occurs in various parts of the UK when rainfall is heavy, and it can result in significant damage to property.

Most laminate and solid wood flooring in Cheshire homes and commercial properties is water-resistant, but not waterproof. Liquids spilt on the floor and quickly mopped up are no problem, but if floods result in prolonged immersion in water, this will probably mean that the floor covering will have to be replaced.

In terms of water resistance, laminate flooring is generally better than wood as the latter can warp with prolonged water contact. Many wood planks will be protected from moisture on their long side, but dirt and wood can still penetrate the short side. There are treatments available for wood floors that can make them more moisture-resistant, so that they can be used in high moisture areas such as bathrooms. There are also grades of laminates suitable for wet areas, but these are unlikely to be 100% waterproof if exposed to flooding.

Modern advances in how laminate boards are installed means that it is now possible to have waterproof laminate floors. To make laminates waterproof, a sealed surface is required that covers the whole floor and prevents the water from penetrating the laminate. A 100% water-resistant floor is also more hygienic and easier to clean.

If wood or laminate flooring is treated to be waterproof, there is no guarantee that it will survive a bad flood in Cheshire. If your property is near a river that could overflow, installing waterproof flooring means that the floor has a good chance of surviving after it has been cleaned when the waters have receded.

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