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British homeowners confess DIY failures

Recent research has highlighted the fact that many UK householders give up on their DIY projects.

According to a survey conducted by Halifax Home Insurance (HHI), 38 per cent of homeowners have failed to follow through with DIY activity. This finding indicates that there is scope for them receiving assistance, and the installation of hardwood flooring by Cheshire professionals could be an option for some consumers.

Martyn Foulds, a claims manager for HHI, has explained:

“Even with the best intentions things can go wrong, which is why checking that you have the right level of buildings and contents cover can provide extra peace of mind.”

The research also found that a tenth of the individuals in the survey did not manage to begin a DIY task, despite having purchased relevant equipment. This behaviour could have been caused by an absence of confidence, as a report surmised.

Lack of confidence can be connected to low skill levels, as the survey showed that about a fifth of the sample did not have the aptitude to change their light bulbs. Over a quarter of the people interviewed volunteered the fact that they were unable to paint their own home.

Sometimes, a shortage of DIY confidence is linked to negative experiences. For example, over 25 per cent of those surveyed confessed that they had messed things up in the past.

There was a degree of regional variation in the research findings. DIY errors were admitted to by 33 per cent of homeowners within Yorkshire. In contrast, only 23 per cent of Welsh homeowners held up their hands to making mistakes.

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