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British business leaders urged to stop deforestation

Business representatives at the Forest Business Forum of the WWF have been encouraged to come up with practical solutions to meet a sustainability target.

The Prince of Wales, who is the president of the WWF in the UK, recently led a meeting on the issue of sustainable timber. In excess of 30 important enterprises have pledged to use sustainable sources for their wood by the year 2020. At the meeting, business bosses were encouraged to get on with the job.

The discussion was part of a campaign that commenced back in September. If the aims of the campaigners are realised, purchases of wood flooring in Liverpool and other big cities might increase.

At the moment, Britain is a major importer of wooden products, and only four other countries import more than Britain does. In 2013, the UK used up materials worth around £14 billion. With global demand for timber projected to increase significantly in the decades to come, the logic for action seems clear.

If British businesses can act effectively, they should be able to protect their customers from purchasing items that worsen deforestation abroad. The companies can play a critical role in securing forests, ensuring that the supply chains they profit from have a long-term future. If wood is only obtained from legal sources, this will help make sure competition between firms is fair.

Deborah Meaden, an ambassador for the WWF, has said:

“It makes business sense for leading businesses to work together to reach solutions that ensure the long-term supply of a resource on which they, as well as nature, depend. These businesses need forests, and forests need them.”

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