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British brands commit to target for sustainable timber

Several major UK brands have reached an agreement with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) with regard to sourcing all their wood from renewable sources by the end of the decade.

Big retailers like

Marks & Spencer and Tesco have made the pledge in question. Also, DIY outlet Homebase has made the same commitment. Nor has Redrow Homes been left behind by the initiative.

If the WWF project has the desired impact, much less wood will be gathered in an unsustainable manner. This could be reassuring to those who have used environmentally conscientious firms to install wood flooring in Wirral and want to buy other wooden products in the future.

The campaign has been focused on another objective. It has aspired to close loopholes which apparently exist at the level of the European Union, as these could well have permitted some timber linked to illegal logging to get into European markets.

According to the WWF, the relevant EU regulation is not fit for purpose. The charity has indicated that a large proportion of the timber coming into the EU has not been certified properly as being derived from legal origins.

Next year, the regulation in question is set to be reviewed. Hence the WWF has been lobbying politicians.

Julia Young, a manager at the WWF, has said:

“We all use products from the forests daily in our homes and at work, from the chairs we sit on to the books we read, and for businesses it’s essential to have a sustainable supply of materials, for now and tomorrow.”

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