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How bricks are being used to enhance the look of floors

Most people see bricks as just items that build walls, but increasingly, designers are making bricks a design feature that enhances the look of floors.

The Empire, a house in Western Australia, has a feature wall that incorporates bricks laid in the same zig-zag pattern as the parquetry floor. The floor is a classic old-fashioned design, but the bricks update the room to a give it a modern look.

A house designed by architect James Russell has walls constructed of a combination of pale full-height and half-height bricks. These are finished with mortar joints to create shadows. The almost white bricks have also been laid on the floor to form a seamless looking floor and wall surface. Though the bricks are not coated, they have been highly polished and are easy to clean.

Genesin Studios designed a pizza restaurant with a high-vaulted ceiling that is covered with hand-cut fascia bricks. The bricks are various shades, but create a fairly dark look to the ceiling. This contrasts with the pale floors and walls, giving the overall impression of a light and airy space.

Solid flooring in your Cheshire home or workspace is available in a number of materials and designs. When choosing a floor covering, think about how it fits in with the ceiling and walls in rest of the room. Exposed brick may not appeal to everyone, but modern architects and designers have demonstrated that brick can dramatically improve room designs.

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