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Brick floor a botch at New York office

When video tutorial company Grovo was choosing the design of its new office space in New York, it requested that the floors be covered in bricks. This was an expensive mistake.

There is a trend for walls to use exposed red bricks, and Grovo asked designers JIDK to cover the floors of their new offices in this trendy material. The design company complied and in 2016, constructed the red brick floors, but uncovered a problem: tables and chairs became off-balance because of the uneven floor, revealing the reason why designers do not use red brick floors in offices.

The first attempt by JIDK to rectify the problem was to sand the bricks, but this made them pink and was not a look that Grovo was happy with. Large sections of the floor were then covered with dark grey epoxy coating, and other sections covered with carpet. Ultimately, the mistake of using red brick floors cost a lot of money to fix.

Thomas Juncher Jensen, head of JIDK, said that walking along the grey floor corridors felt like “you are walking down the streets of Manhattan.” Grovo was happy with this look, so a little improvisation saved the day in the end.

Designers often like to create unusual floor designs, but the experience at the Grovo offices highlights the need for floor coverings to be practical. There is a wide variety of solid flooring for Cheshire homes and offices that look great, are long-lasting and easy to maintain.

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