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Blackpool Tower ballroom floor to be sanded for fresh look

The floor of Blackpool Tower ballroom is to be sanded in order to restore its surface after being used for countless foxtrots, waltzes and tangos that have left it looking a bit worn.

Blackpool Tower ballroom is celebrating its 125th birthday and is undergoing further renovations.

The Tower’s ballroom was designed by Frank Matcham who also designed Blackpool’s Grand Theatre. After 125 years, it is in need of deep cleaning and renovating. The 120ft wooden floor is being stripped and sanded to restore it to its former glory. The floor contains 30,602 blocks made from mahogany, oak and walnut and they will all be painstakingly polished after sanding. Fourteen chandeliers each containing 10,000 bulbs are being taken down for cleaning.

Floor sanding can extend the life of any Wirral wood floor, domestic or commercial. The process carried out at Blackpool Tower ballroom is similar to that for smaller floors. First, any nail heads are punched down to about an eighth of an inch below the surface, then a floor sanding machine is used to strip the surface of the wood. Afterwards, the floor is varnished or stained. Sometimes, like the Blackpool Tower ballroom floor, the wood blocks are polished to make them shine.

Although wood flooring is expensive to buy and install, floor sanding can extend its life so that its long term cost is lowered. The floor at Blackpool Tower ballroom is 125 years old, and after sanding, will last for many more years to come when danced on every day.

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