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Biophilic flooring brings nature inside

Biophilic flooring is an essential component of Biofit, which is claimed to be the world’s first biophilic gym concept. The company recently constructed a temporary Biofit demonstration gym in London so that architects and designers could experience how Biofit gyms can operate in business buildings and apartments.

Biophilic design incorporates nature in internal spaces. Modern urban environments mean that people can be alienated from nature, but biophilic design aims to reconnect people to this environment. It incorporates the principle that nature has a calming effect.

Biophilic flooring brings the materials and designs of nature to floor coverings. The design also respects nature by using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

The floor area of the Biofit gym is arranged in zones that resemble freshly cut grass, grass verges and a golden, sandy beach. These complement the many plants, natural wood and murals that feature in the gym.

Research has shown that biophilic rooms can create a restorative and energising environment. Oliver Heath, the Biophilic Design Ambassador for Interface (which designed the floor coverings for Biofit), said:

“Incorporating this kind of mindful interior design into an exercise space can help harness the benefits of biophilia, engaging both the body and the brain, boosting fitness and well-being.”

When installing solid flooring in Wirral businesses, most designers and architects choose floor coverings based on looks, design and long-lasting qualities. Biophilic designers want more designers to also consider natural floor designs that reduce and promote the wellbeing of employees, customers and visitors.

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