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The benefits of contract vinyl flooring for your Liverpool workplace

Many businesses in Liverpool have installed contract vinyl flooring in their work areas. There are several reasons why they choose this style rather than alternatives.


Vinyl flooring is very tough. For areas where there is high foot traffic, the floor will not show signs of wear for many years.

Vinyl flooring comes in many qualities, but the high-end variety is thick and manufactured to last in areas where a lot of people walk, such as hotel lobbies, receptions areas, cafes and shops – so is ideal for Liverpool folk who have regular guests


Vinyl flooring is easy to clean. Unlike carpets, spills do not leave stains and are easily wiped off. You can purchase vinyl that has been surface treated to make the floor scratch resistant and protect the floor from damage by dropped objects.

Vinyl floors are water resistant too, so it does not matter if liquids are spilt. For large areas, they can be easily and quickly cleaned using industrial cleaners.


Modern vinyl flooring comes in a wide variety of styles. Some are made to look natural so that they look like stone tiles or wood. There is vinyl flooring that has a distressed look, that makes it appear antique.

Whether you want a contemporary modern look or something more traditional, you will be certain to find vinyl flooring suitable for your chosen style. Vinyl flooring is versatile and will blend with any style of interior design.


Vinyl is quick and easy to install, particularly compared to wood flooring. Depending on the type of surface, vinyl can be laid over an existing floor covering.

In busy areas businesses do not want to prevent access whilst a new floor is being installed. Often a floor can be installed overnight when the business is closed, and it will be ready to be walked on by the next morning.

Vinyl flooring can be glued to the floor, but it is possible to have a loosely laid installation which does. Vinyl flooring planks can use a system of clicking together to provide stability to the glueless installation.

The environment

If your business has environmental policies, you can purchase vinyl flooring made from recycled materials.

In areas where noise can be an issue, you can use vinyl flooring that has a sound deadening layer. Alternatively, vinyl flooring can be laid over a sound-damping underlayer.


Unlike hardwood or stone flooring, vinyl does not get cold in winter and feels softer when walked on. Some vinyl flooring has a padded layer, which not only feels comfortable but lessens the risk of injury from falls. Vinyl flooring is therefore ideal for care homes and leisure centres.


Vinyl flooring is very cost effective compared to hardwood flooring and stone tiles. Higher-quality vinyl flooring will cost more than cheap equivalents, but it is worth paying for extra durability.

As installation of contract vinyl is quick, installation costs should not be high, and it all makes for an excellent choice of flooring to install in your Liverpool business.

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