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Award-winning games room features wood flooring

An outdoor home bar in Barnsley, Yorkshire has been named the Home Leisure Direct Games Room of the Year, and it boasts wood flooring.

Along with the wood flooring, the room features wood panelling, a mix of blue, grey and tan decor, a Porsche 911 car bonnet and artwork of Mohammed Ali, Freddie Mercury and Sean Connery.

The room, which the Yorkshire Post has called an “amazing man cave”, was created during the lockdown by Dean Mirfin in his garden. It’s a luxury room, which Mirfin has named “Bar 152”. It has a bar with lager on tap and a wood dining table that converts into a pool table. There are two wall-mounted televisions, a sound system and seating for nine people.

Though the room looks complete, Mirfin is still adding bits and pieces to improve it. He plans to add a terrace area soon for him and visitors to relax on when the weather gets warmer.

Home Leisure Direct supplies arcade machines pool tables and jukeboxes. It awarded Mirfin a prize of £1,000 for his room.

Many homes have sheds with wood flooring in Wirral and Cheshire gardens, but these tend to be rough, cheap wood. During the Covid-19 lockdowns, many households decided to upgrade their homes with a more luxurious style of wooden outbuilding for use as a home office or a room to relax in.

Mirfin’s room is an example of how quality wood flooring helps transform an outside room into a luxury area that can be enjoyed by members of a family and their guests.

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