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Kim Kardashian would need to fly European workers in to repair floors

US reality star Kim Kardashian and her husband, musician Kanye West, have renovated a $60 million mansion in Los Angeles.

If the floors of (more…)

Four reasons to install engineered flooring in Wirral rooms

Engineered flooring has the look of natural wood at less cost. There are many reasons why you should consider installing engineered flooring in Wirral homes or business premises, and here are four of the (more…)

Company to manufacture wood floor from hemp

HempWood is a new type of wood developed from hemp that is claimed to have advantages over other wood floor covering.

Hemp is derived from a (more…)

Add value to a Cheshire home with woodblock flooring

Woodblock flooring is a great choice of floor coverings for Cheshire homes, since wood floors add (more…)

Floor at Aberdeen railways station to be replaced

ScotRail has admitted that the floor at Aberdeen railway station is a safety hazard because it is too slippy and is a danger to rail travellers. As a result, it intends to replace the floors to something more suitable.

At a meeting with (more…)

Choosing contract flooring for Wirral businesses

When Wirral businesses need to install new flooring, there are lots of different types to choose from. The best type of contract flooring for a particular floor space depends on a number of factors. (more…)

New vacuum cleaner identifies floor type whilst cleaning

A new vacuum cleaner from Dyson can tell what type of floor it is cleaning and adjust its motor speed accordingly.

Many vacuum cleaners are (more…)

Top designers recommend wood flooring in kitchens

The Washington Post recently asked a number of designers about their opinions on installing wood floors in kitchens, and the consensus was that wood flooring is highly recommended.

Many people are (more…)

Wood flooring in Wirral rooms adds natural beauty

Though there have been many innovative developments in floor covering materials, many Wirral people prefer the natural beauty of wood flooring.

Wood is a hard-wearing floor covering that is suitable for both domestic and commercial premises. There are many reasons to choose wood flooring.

The environment<-h2>

Wood flooring is environmentally friendly provided the wood is sourced from sustainable forests. Of course, trees in public areas like Wirral Country Park, since they are there for the enjoyment of humans, dogs, birds and squirrels.

In sustainable forests, wood planks are made from trees that are cut down, but new trees are planted to replace them. At the end of its lifetime, wood flooring can be recycled.

Long-lasting and easy to maintain<-h2>

Wood flooring in Wirral can last a long time. If a wood floor looks worn, it can be sanded to restore it. Wood floors are easy to clean, so mud and dirt trod in by pets and humans escaping the Wirral rain are easily wiped up.


Carpets can trap bacteria that can be harmful to health. This is not a problem if they are regularly professionally cleaned, but bacteria will not cling to wood floors and is easily brushed or mopped up.


Fashions for colours and patterns change, but the natural look of wood floors is timeless and not subject to fashion trends. Natural light to dark brown wood floors will be appreciated today and in a few decades’ time.

You can stain wood flooring with a coloured coating. Light grey is fashionable to create a modern contemporary style. If this style goes out of fashion, the floor can be sanded and restored to its original natural colour.


The initial cost of wood floors and the installation may seem expensive, but you need to look at the lifetime cost. Carpet and vinyl are cheaper but may have to be replaced more often. Wood will last a long time before needing replacing, so can work out cheaper than less expensive flooring that needs replacing more frequently.

New wood flooring installed in a home can increase the value of the property. Wood floors can make a house easier to sell.

Water resistance<-h2>

Wood floors coated with a sealant are water resistant, but not waterproof. They are suitable for most rooms. If liquids are spilled on them, there is no problem provided that the liquid is quickly mopped up. Rooms with outside doorways should use water absorbent mats to collect the water that drips from people coming in from a wet Wirral day.

Wood floors are not recommended for high-moisture areas such as bathrooms.

Should you choose wood?<-h2>

If you want a hard wearing, environmentally friendly, easy to maintain floor, wood is an ideal choice. Wood flooring in Wirral domestic homes and commercial premises is a great choice, seeing as it is suitable for high-footfall areas where it will last for many years.

Your Wirral flooring company will show you samples from its range of wood flooring.

Home re-design shows that wood floors can have a different look

Dutch wood flooring manufacturers Hakwood have created wood floor tiles in black, white and grey that can form patterned wood floors that have a contemporary look far from the traditional brown wood style.

Dennis Interior Architects has re-designed a (more…)

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