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Five common floor sanding mistakes to avoid

If wood flooring is worn or marked, it can be restored to look like new by sanding it. Ideally, floor sanding should be done by a professional floor sander who has the experience and expertise to do an excellent job. To save money, you can hire a floor sanding machine and tackle the job (more…)

Can I stain a hardwood floor without sanding?

Staining a worn hardwood floor is best done after sanding, but there are some reasons why you might want to avoid this.

A hardwood floor can be (more…)

Guide to parquet flooring

Parquet flooring was invented over four hundred years ago, and it’s a flooring trend that is (more…)

Wood flooring makes homes more sustainable

In response to climate change, many people are now concerned about making their homes more sustainable and reducing carbon emissions. Wood flooring is an environmentally (more…)

Flooring choices help reduce energy bills

There are many home improvements that can reduce energy bills. According to flooring expert Jessica Fox, one area often overlooked is how (more…)

How to choose wood flooring for a room

Wood flooring can add the “wow” factor to a room. Choosing the best type for a particular room depends on (more…)

Interior designers identify flooring trends to avoid

A recent report from Insider asked interior designers about the home decor trends they advise (more…)

Questions to ask before buying wood flooring

Before you buy wood flooring for Cheshire rooms, experts from consumer organisation Which? suggest asking the (more…)

What to do if you find hardwood floors in your home

Many old homes have carpets or vinyl flooring. New owners of these homes may not always realise what lies under their floor coverings, and many are surprised to find hardwood flooring when they lift up the (more…)

Offices with solid wood flooring can boost productivity

Many business owners are put off renovating shabby offices because of the high costs, but a poor office environment is a health and safety risk. Staff working in a well-decorated office with luxury wood flooring feel happier and are (more…)

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