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These are some alternative colours to brown wood flooring

Wood flooring in Cheshire homes is a popular choice for those who want a natural-looking and durable floor. Most consumers stick to a traditional dark or light natural brown wood, but for a more contemporary look, a wood floor can be (more…)

Experts advise how to store wood floor panels during coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus crisis has caused flooring stockists to close. Many are storing large quantities of wood flooring that needs to be stored carefully. People that have bought wood flooring for Wirral homes may have had the wood planks delivered, but are now waiting for installation.

Fiona Russell-Horne, the editor of (more…)

Keep wood flooring clean and free from coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need to keep the home clean and free from viruses.

Wood flooring in (more…)

How to sand a parquet floor

If a parquet floor looks worn or is scratched, there is no need to replace it, as floor sanding can restore the floor to a nearly new condition.

Floor sanding is a (more…)

Experts suggest adding rugs to wood floor bedrooms can improve sleep

Flooring experts advise that putting a large rug or carpet in a bedroom with a wood floor can help promote better sleep.

After a long and hectic day, most people want to (more…)

Cleaning experts pick top vacuums for hardwood floors

The Housekeeping Institute asked leading cleaning experts to recommend the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors.

Hardwood flooring in Wirral homes looks great, but they require (more…)

Which type of flooring adds the most value to your home?

Research by the Tech Times looked at the best floors to install if you want to add value to a home. The top of the list is solid or engineered wood flooring, followed by luxury vinyl and laminate flooring.

Cheshire people choose (more…)

What’s the best type of laminate flooring for Wirral rooms?

Laminate flooring provides the look of wood at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Also more water-resistant than (more…)

The benefits of floor sanding in Cheshire rooms

When your wood or engineered floor looks tired and worn, it’s time for floor sanding to restore it to (more…)

Is it worth investing in waterproof hardwood flooring in Cheshire?

In 2019, waterproof hardwood flooring was developed and sales are expected to rise in 2020. Is this flooring a good choice for Cheshire rooms?

Natural wood flooring looks (more…)

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