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Wood floors feature in 1950s house renovation

Karim Karanouh and Emma Westbury bought a 1958 home in Essex because they loved its original features. They wanted to modernise the home whilst retaining its 1950s style and adding natural materials such as engineered wood flooring.

When modernising a home, it’s (more…)

Why replacing hardwood floors shouldn’t be first solution

Good quality hardwood floors are very durable but can look worn and uneven after a few years. Many people are tempted to replace their creaking and uneven floor, but the floor may be repairable.

If the wood flooring is over (more…)

Wood replaces concrete for more sustainable buildings

The construction industry and architects are looking for more sustainable ways of building including replacing concrete with wood.

Many commercial buildings have (more…)

How do you remove wax from a wood floor?

It’s great to relax at the end of the day, light a candle or two, put on some gentle music, relax and unwind. It is all too (more…)

How you can keep laminate floors clean and virus free

The coronavirus crisis has focused on business and households on the need for extra hygiene and keeping homes and workplaces clean, so here are a few tips (more…)

Leave hardwood flooring to professionals, says US expert

If your wood floor is worn it can be restored, but this should be done by experts, according to advice by (more…)

Woman reveals secret of purchasing wood flooring at discounted price

A woman from Glasgow has detailed how she managed to buy solid wood flooring for a cheaper price than normal.

Ellen Humphries wanted a real wooden floor but (more…)

Laminate flooring market predicted to grow in the UK

The European Producers of Laminate Flooring Association (EPLF) has announced that its members sold 447 million square metres of (more…)

Wood and engineered flooring to trend in 2020

Wood and engineered wood flooring is expected to become a popular floor trend in 2020.

According to a survey by (more…)

The natural beauty of hardwood flooring in Cheshire rooms

Natural hardwood flooring adds timeless beauty to a room. Add a rug or two to make a warm comfortable space to (more…)

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