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Home safety improvements to be 2022 top trend

The coronavirus pandemic has focused attention on health and safety, and improving safety in the home is expected to be a (more…)

Is hardwood flooring eco-friendly?

Hardwood flooring in and homes is a great way to transform a room and add value to the property, but is this type of (more…)

Chapel with wood flooring for sale

Many old chapels are sold each year to buyers who like their original features such as stonework, hardwood flooring, beams and arched windows, and one such (more…)

What is the best commercial flooring?

The best type of commercial flooring to use depends on a number of factors, including cost, appearance, maintenance and safety. There is no (more…)

How to make hardwood flooring last

A well-maintained hardwood floor can last for centuries. Read on to learn how (more…)

Former factory transformation to retain parquet flooring

Leicester City Council has been awarded an £8.6 million grant towards a project to turn a former factory into a new business hub. The plans for the new Pilot House specify that many of the building’s original features will be retained, including (more…)

Wood floors ideal for small home offices

Many homes have a dedicated space for a home office. Wood flooring is recommended for (more…)

Pale wood floors create sense of space

A London property is currently one of the tiniest homes on the housing market. It extends only 13 feet back, but has been described as like Doctor Who’s Tardis, as inside it seems a lot bigger than it appears from the outside. This sense of space has been achieved by (more…)

New flooring helps couple add £25,000 to value of home

During lockdown, Laura Piner and her partner Adam spent £7,000 renovating their home in Preston, Lancashire. Their efforts added £25,000 to the (more…)

Flooring named key consideration of home gyms

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, gyms were closed, and this prompted many households to convert a space in their homes into gyms. A key consideration of home gyms is (more…)

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