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Are timber floors suited to underfloor heating?

Whether you’ve had a water-based or electric underfloor heating system fitted on your property or you’re planning to add one, you may be wondering if it’s an option that suits hardwood floors. Partnering the warm look and feel of natural timber with the real heat from a system beneath your floor might seem like a perfect match for many homeowners, but are they actually compatible?

In the following passages, we’ll investigate fitting a wood floor in your home when you’ve got an existing underfloor heating system or are looking to purchase one.

A perfect partnership

Householders seeking a wood floor and a heating system below will be heartened to hear that the two options make a great pairing. Engineered wood flooring in particular works well with underfloor heating. This kind of wood floor is less pricey than a solid timber floor and is presented as boards that use sturdy but inexpensive wood, which are each then topped with a finished layer of premium hardwood.

Once installed, these boards present homeowners with an exceptionally stable floor option. The robust layers below the finished wood surface are ideal, as they can expand and contract in step with the changes in temperature caused by the heating system below. This ensures no unsightly warping or unwanted displacement happens that would ruin your floor’s appearance.

Benefits of engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood floors can create the same look and feel of natural warmth offered by solid hardwood floors for a much lower outlay, making them a more economical option. They’re an extremely durable product that can supply a more high-end look than vinyl, laminate and other less costly floor solutions that can also be designed to resemble a real wooden floor.

Engineered wood can also be ideal if you want to use the same flooring choice in all rooms of your home, as unlike other wooden floor choices, it can be used on any level of your property.

Solid hardwood floors with an underfloor heating system

If you decide that you’d prefer a solid wood floor in your home to accompany your heating system, this is also perfectly possible. However, you must make a wood selection that is kiln-dried and has low moisture content.

Too much moisture is never good for wooden flooring, as the boards can alter shape or buckle in time. The consequences of this can mean they fit badly and start to lift. While solid hardwood floors can be used with an underfloor heating system, narrow rather than broad boards are the best choice by far. Additionally, homes that need higher heat levels are not advised to install this solution.

In summary, you can appreciate the natural charm of a wooden floor in your house alongside underfloor heating, but to achieve the ideal results, engineered wood may be the best choice by far. You’ll find lots of different woods to choose from to suit your personal taste, and you’ll pay a lot less for your flooring than if your select a solid wood solution.

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