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Appeal of parquet flooring continues

Parquet hardwood flooring was popular in the 1600s, and it remains a top choice for floor coverings in 2022, according to the architecture website Dezeen.

From the 1600s, the European aristocracy favoured parquet flooring, as it is easier to maintain than the traditional marble floors of that period, and it has not lost its appeal over the centuries. Parquet wood blocks can be laid in a number of patterns, including chevron and herringbone.

Dezeen recently featured a look book with a number of stylish homes that feature parquet flooring. These range from a 1930s apartment in Portugal to a remodelled Victorian terrace house and a modern flat, both in London. The look book shows that parquet flooring can create a variety of visual effects in both old homes and newly constructed ones.

Aboim Inglez Arquitectos, when renovating the 1930s apartment, uncovered the original parquet flooring and decided to restore it, rather than replace it with a new floor. The floor has blocks of different tones arranged in a checkerboard pattern.

Charred House in London has parquet flooring paired with bespoke wood shelves, cupboards and other wood features. An apartment in Edinburgh features light oak parquet flooring that complements the white walls.

Parquet woodblock flooring in Cheshire and Wirral homes adds a luxury, natural look to rooms. Woodblocks are available in a number of timber choices, from light to dark, Local floor installers can install parquet floors in a single colour or lay them in mixed colour patterns that will align with traditional or more contemporary decor styles.

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