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App created to help design dementia-friendly flooring

A new app has been developed for use by carers to make homes better suited to people with dementia.

The Dementia Friendly Home app was developed by an Alzheimer’s Australia and displays a virtual 3D version of a home so that problem areas can be highlighted. The app suggests changes and provides visualisations of how the home will look when altered.

People with dementia often have altered perceptions of colour. If floors have busy patterns, this can cause misinterpretations of what they are seeing. In the app’s virtual 3D home, busy patterns can be replaced by more neutral plain floors.

Shiny floors can cause glares, which can confuse people with dementia. The app demonstrates how shiny surfaces can be replaced by matte finishes.

Dementia suffers tend not to like loud noises so acoustic damping floor coverings are recommended. Floors also need to be slip proof.

The app highlights objects on the floor that a dementia sufferer could easily trip over and suggests removing them, leaving only essential furniture. Good lighting is also important, preferably with motion sensors to switch on lights automatically when a person enters the room.

The aim of the Dementia Friendly Home is to enable carers to create a safe home so that people with dementia can live in their own house and continue to have independence.

If you are a carer or have someone with dementia in your family, consider installing plain matte finish non slip flooring in their Liverpool, Cheshire or North Wales home.

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