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American lady keeps money safe by gluing it to floor

With low interest rates on savings, many are looking for alternative places to store their money. Rather than putting it under the mattress, an American woman recently glued $150 in coins to the floor of one of the rooms in her house.

Using contrasting colours of pennies, one half dark and the other half light, she created an intricate pattern, with diamond shapes in the centre and zigzag lines along the edges. The pennies were laid out on a grout surface which held them in place. She then polished the coins to create a shiny surface. The floor was treated with several coats of a clear gloss epoxy coating to protect it and prolong its life.

As a means of saving money it may be burglar proof, as it is difficult for thieves to raise the pennies, but if the owner ever needs to spend the money, it will be almost impossible to remove them and get rid of the epoxy coating.

When deciding on a new solid floor for your Cheshire home, using pennies is a unique, but not very practical option. As well as the $150 cost of the pennies, it took this particular homeowner a very long time to place the 15,000 pennies before putting on several coats of epoxy covering.

If you want a similar floor put in place by a flooring contractor, then it is probably cheaper to have them install a new luxury solid wood floor in your Cheshire home.

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