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American association defines ‘real wood’ flooring

There are several flooring products that look like wood, but not all contain wood. The American National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) has created a formal definition that is designed to help consumers know about flooring that contains real wood.

A task force that included members of wood flooring suppliers met to create the definitions. The first part of the definition is to describe what wood is:

“Wood is the hard fibrous material that forms from the main substance of the trunk or branches and beneath the bark of a tree.”

Wood flooring is any floor coverings whose top layer contains real wood. The NWFA definition describes the three types of wood flooring:

Solid wood has one piece of wood and no other layer – though it can be coated with varnish, stain, paint and other substances that preserve or colour the wood.

Engineered flooring has many layers of real wood. It has a veneer of wood at the top, with many slats of wood glues together beneath the veneer.

Composite engineered wood has real wood veneer on the top layer only. The backing material can be any material other than wood.

The NWFA is launching a consumer awareness campaign to ensure that the public knows the difference between the three types of flooring through these formal definitions.

When selecting wood flooring for your Wirral rooms, your floor installer will advise you on the different properties of the three types of wood flooring. The best floor choice is dependent on budget and other factors including footfall and whether the room is likely to get wet.

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