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AIA2018 show highlights software for architects and interior designers

At the AIA2018 show for architects, a number of software companies showed off their latest software that creates 3D computer models of buildings, either already constructed or at the design stage.

Autodesk creates buildings which can be modified. Elements such as flooring can be added or removed to see how changes to a room look. Bentley Software featured reality modelling where photo and videos can be taken of a building to create realistic looking 3D images.

Vectorworks Architect 2018 can create views of a building or room from ten different perspectives. Other software can do this, but what is different about Vectorworks is that the ten views can be fed to ten different computer monitors to get a multi-perspective view.

Another feature of Vectorworks Architect 2018 is that it can produce 360-degree panoramas that, when viewed with a virtual reality headset, create an immersive experience that feels that the viewer is actually in the buildings.

When needing new solid flooring in your Cheshire workplace it can be difficult to visualise how the flooring will look in a room. Although most of this software is being used by architects, they could be used by floor installers and interior designers.

The customer takes a virtual walk through the room to know a how floor covering designs look and feels. Several floor covering designs can be tested to find the one that best suits the room. This is a better way of visualising how a floor will look than viewing sample tiles or planks.

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