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Add value to a Cheshire home with woodblock flooring

Woodblock flooring is a great choice of floor coverings for Cheshire homes, since wood floors add value – both financial and aesthetic.

Financial value

A survey of estate agents by the National Wood Flooring Association found that 88% of estate agents agreed that installing solid wood floors adds between 1% and 10% to a home’s value. For example, a £250,000 Cheshire home with a new woodblock floor could increase in value from £7,500 to £25,000. Although woodblock flooring is expensive compared to some other floor coverings, because it increases a home’s value, it is a worthwhile investment.

Woodblock flooring is a selling point, making it more attractive to prospective buyers.

Aesthetic value

Not everyone chooses woodblock flooring only because it adds value to a home, they just love the look of natural wood. While wood flooring made from planks looks good, the distinctive parquet pattern of woodblock flooring is preferred by many. It may take longer and be more costly to install, but the aesthetic value it brings to a room is worth it.

Cheshire people love wood, which is why Cheshire woods and forests are so popular, like Delamere Forest. Fortunately, no Cheshire trees have to be felled to make woodblock flooring. Trees from commercial sustainable managed forests are used for modern woodblock flooring.

Woodblock flooring is traditional with a history going back hundreds of years. Parquet wood flooring was introduced in France in the 17th Century. At one time, some streets were made from wood blocks. Two woodblock paved streets constructed 1909 can still be walked on in Chicago.

Woodblock flooring is available in a number of wood types including, oak and walnut. Aged woodblock flooring goes through a ”distress” process that makes gives the floor an antique appearance.

Easy to maintain

A solid wood floor lasts a long time and, when worn, can be sanded to restore the floor to a nearly new look. It can be protected with a varnish.

Woodblock flooring can be installed in any room. When varnished it develops some water resistance properties, but may not withstand being flooded, so is not recommended for high-moisture areas such as bathrooms.

Busy households in Cheshire need flooring that is durable, looks good and is easy to maintain. Wood floors can easily be vacuumed or swept. People coming inside from the wet Cheshire weather may bring in mud on their shoes, but this can easily be cleaned up with a damp cloth or mop.

Add value

If you want to add value to your home, consider woodblock flooring. Landlords should also look at installing woodblock flooring, especially for upmarket rental properties. If tenants have too many house parties and the floor gets scratched or stained, it can easily be sanded to restore it. Other floor coverings may need to be regularly replaced, but sold wood floors will last for many decades with a little maintenance.

Your Cheshire floor supplier and the installer will show you the many types of woodblock flooring that can add value to a home.

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