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A quarter of homebuyers use new properties to downsize

Recent research from the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) suggests that just under a quarter of new home purchases are considered a downsize.

The reasons for this are many; as well as the desire to move into a smaller property following the emptying of their nest, many home owners are also considering the benefits in terms of the decreasing of their bills and the clearance of any accumulated debt from owning larger properties.

The president of the NAEA, Jan Hytch, advises that the process of downsizing is one that carries clear benefits, and can go smoothly provided home buyers try to avoid moulding their new home to be a smaller version of their old one. Hytch said that simply measuring furniture against the new floor plan can save a lot of aggravation and possibly lead to a new perspective.

Hytch goes on to suggest that using built-in storage can maximize space, while selling old items can help to raise cash for the new venture, as well as allow people to focus on the furniture they want to carry forward into the new stage of their life.

While some items can maintain a certain sentimental charm, one can achieve further satisfaction by making enough money from auctions, boosting sales to fund the refurbishment and decoration of a new home – from fitted wardrobes, new windows or engineered flooring. Wirral homeowners are faced with many possible reasons to make the change to a smaller house, and the NAEA is ensuring that they also have the right advice.

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