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A guide to laminate flooring for Wirral rooms

Laminate is a good choice of floor covering in Wirral because it is as stylish as it is hardwearing.

The Wirral climate

The Wirral Peninsula is surrounded on three sides by the Irish Sea and the Dee and Mersey estuaries, as well as being sheltered by the Welsh Hills. This geography means that the climate of the Wirral is more moderate than nearby Liverpool, but it is far from dry with an average annual rainfall of 771mm. On many days, you can get soaked running the short distance from your car to your front door. You need a floor covering that doesn’t mind getting wet and is easy to clean muddy footprints off.

Water and laminates

Most modern laminates are water tested to withstand standing water for two hours. Any longer and the laminate may be damaged. Standard laminate flooring is not designed for high-moisture areas such as bathrooms. Prolonged contact with water will damage laminate flooring, but Wirral homeowners who mop up any water quickly will note that laminate is fine for areas with doors leading to the outside.

You can buy water-resistant laminate flooring and, as long as the planks are installed correctly, there is no need to worry about dampness.

Cleaning laminates

Laminate flooring is easy to clean if you follow a few guidelines

For a start, don’t use steam cleaners and wet mops. Use a damp cloth to clean up liquid spills as soon as they happen. A good tip for cleaning spots including oil, paint, markers and lipstick is to use nail polish remover applied with a soft clean cloth.

Never use abrasive cleaners like steel wool to remove stubborn stains. For candle wax or chewing gum, harden with ice cubes then gently scrape with a plastic item, such as an old credit card.

Dust and dry debris can be swept with a brush, or use the hard floor setting on a vacuum cleaner.

Regularly clean the floor with products specially formulated for laminates. Unlike some floor coverings, laminates don’t need buffering and polishing machines.

Use entry mats to trap dirt and moisture carried in from people coming from outside in rough Wirral weather.

All in all, it does not take long or require great effort to keep laminate floors clean and looking good.


The most popular type of laminate are ones that look like wood, and modern printing technology creates realistic wood grain patterns. Laminates can also look like various types of stone, with abstract patters laminates available.

With so many patterns to choose from, you are sure to find laminate flooring to suit the colours and style of your Wirral rooms.


The expected lifespan of laminate flooring is between 15 to 25 years but could be shorter in heavy footfall commercial promises. Laminate flooring in Wirral homes does not last as long as hardwood floors but is less expensive to purchase and install, and its lifespan can be increased with regular upkeep..

Laminate is a good choice of floor covering for either residential or commercial properties in the Wirral area. It looks stylish, is easy to clean and is very durable.

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